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Caution About Faking Django Migrations

I ran into a problem recently when trying to reconfigure my Django project’s database.

I had a DateTimeField on my model that I was updating to have null=True and blank=True.

There were no rows in this table. I was able to make the migrations, but then ran …

Oops! Removing Secrets from Django Project in Docker

So you’ve been frantic as you try to fix a bug. You get lost in the work and totally forget where you are. All of a sudden… SUCCESS! It works!


But oh no, you just put your secrets into a tracked file. What to do, what to do …

Making Your Own Email Templates in Django

If you want to send emails with long text from your Django application, you don't have to store all of the text in your views. You can make your own email templates!

Django Has Changed Over Time

To help save you time, I want to outline some of the major differences I’ve run into while learning Django.