Some Shortcuts in Atom Text Editor

One of the things that blew me away when I started to get back into coding in this new day and age was the text editors.

I knew about Notepad and Notepad++, but working with Atom really sped up the code writing process.

Here are a few shortcuts that I couldn’t live without.

  • Delete line (Ctrl + Shift + K)
  • Duplicate line (Ctrl + Shift + D)
  • Select whole term (Ctrl + D)
  • Select next copy of this term (Ctrl + D)
  • Close window (Ctrl + W)
  • Comment out line or group of lines (Ctrl + /)
  • Toggle sidebar visibility (Ctrl + \)
  • Snippets! (Type something, then hit TAB)

You can type “html” then hit TAB and it will give you a bunch of boilerplate.

Duplicating lines is good when you have different, but related functions.

I’ve even been writing a few articles in Atom, working locally and easily making lists with (“ol” + TAB), (“ul” + TAB), and (“li” + TAB).

Which ones did I miss that you can’t live without?

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