Django Projects - 99 ideas for beginners

Learning Django, I found it really helpful to go through some beginner tutorials.

But eventually, you have to fly on your own. You have to learn how to plan out a project and how to research what you don’t know.

We believe in learn by doing. And that there’s no better time to start than now.

It doesn’t matter if it already exists. Your not building software to change the world, you’re building software to learn web development.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

99 Beginner Django Projects

  1. Track sleep
  2. Track customized habit performance
  3. Track customized habits of users
  4. Send daily reminders in email
  5. Send daily reminders in SMS
  6. Store a list of current projects and log entries
  7. Freelance time tracking on current projects
  8. Freelance project tracking with view ability for project owners
  9. Freelance project tracking with comment ability for project owners
  10. Send daily inspirational quote to your email
  11. Send daily inspirational quote in SMS
  12. Make a blog like WordPress
  13. Make an e-commerce store like Gumroad
  14. Make someone else a blog
  15. Make someone else an e-commerce store
  16. Collect your thoughts on books
  17. Make an e-commerce store with Amazon Affiliate links
  18. Make an e-commerce store that automatically pulls Amazon product info
  19. Make a list with reviews of your favorite notebooks
  20. Make a list with reviews of your favorite kitchen utensils
  21. Catalog your favorite meal recipes
  22. Pin a list of DIY projects
  23. Pin a list of DIY projects that lists needed items from Amazon product API
  24. Remake an app from a tutorial you’ve done
  25. Pin a list of your favorite single origin coffees and put them on a map
  26. Pin a list of camping gear you recommend for overnight car camping
  27. Pin a list of camping gear you recommend for backpacking
  28. Pin a list of climbing gear you recommend for beginners
  29. Create a forum like Discourse
  30. Make your own personal Wiki
  31. Make a portfolio of projects
  32. Compress and crop uploaded photos
  33. Install Wagtail and see if you can get it to work
  34. Test out django-filter on one of your old projects
  35. Track your hours of programming
  36. Track your hours of working out
  37. Track your medical condition
  38. Store research about your medical condition
  39. Log stories from your favorite non-fiction books and write your own reflections
  40. Invite others to log their stories
  41. Log your favorite songs and the memories they make
  42. Invite others to log their favorite songs
  43. List out business ideas, why they would work, and why they wouldn’t work
  44. List out the building blocks or DIY projects for your home
  45. Make a Django source code highlighter for your site
  46. Make a form builder for non-coders
  47. Make a list of coding interview questions and practice
  48. Make a list of certification questions and practice
  49. Generate reports on your progress
  50. Create timelines and anticipated milestones for entrepreneurial projects
  51. Log your workouts
  52. Track your favorite workouts
  53. Track your favorite exercises
  54. Create your own RSS reader
  55. RSS track your favorite blogs AND YouTube videos
  56. Email yourself price alerts for a desired online product
  57. Grab local air quality data daily
  58. Grab local weather forecast daily
  59. Grab weather forecast by user inputted location
  60. Grab air quality by user inputted location
  61. Grab other surrounding day weather forecast
  62. Grab other surrounding day air quality forecast
  63. Grab water contaminant data daily
  64. Grab water contaminant data for user inputted location
  65. Auto-generate a workout
  66. Generate a body part workout based on selected body part
  67. Generate a body part workout based on selected exercise
  68. Generate a random conditioning workout
  69. Generate a random conditioning workout based on selected duration
  70. Log your runs
  71. Track average mile speed during runs
  72. Make a journal online
  73. Make a simple payment platform to collect freelance payments using Stripe
  74. Generate invoices for freelance work
  75. Generate invoices and allow clients to pay right there
  76. Track weather in desired vacation destinations
  77. Track weather in national parks
  78. Track weather in state parks
  79. Track weather in coldest areas of the world
  80. Log podcast episodes and memorable quotes
  81. Log podcast episodes and show all quotes for a given show’s collection of episodes
  82. Log songs you’re trying to learn on the guitar
  83. Log the hours you practice on the guitar by song
  84. Pin guitar scale exercises
  85. Pin music theory notes
  86. Pin your favorite guitars
  87. Implement guitar search by color, brand, price, and style
  88. Track desired travel destinations
  89. Share travel destinations with viewers
  90. Share travel destinations with travel buddies or significant other
  91. List average weather for potential travel destinations based on user inputted date
  92. Make a photo sharing app
  93. Add sorting to photo sharing app based on DSLR metadata
  94. Add ability to download various photo sizes and qualities
  95. Link photos to your previous travel destinations to create a picture journal
  96. Make a flashcard app like Quizlet
  97. Make a polling app with user submitted answer
  98. Add upvoting to polling app
  99. Make a simple app you can submit as your own tutorial

There you go!

Did you finish any of these projects? Or have your own project to share? Leave a comment below.

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